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Kashmir: Harbinger of the Second Muslim Awakening in South Asia

On August 22, 2019 Genocide Watch issued two emergency alerts for India: one pertaining to the ongoing lockdown in Kashmir which is now over a month long, and the other for the state of Assam.  Coincidentally yet not surprisingly in both these cases Delhi, reigned by the Caste Hindu, stands as the perpetrator of atrocities against Muslims – Muslims in  Kashmir and Assam.

In Assam the ethnically Bengali Muslims, who first settled there in colonial times, have been under the threat of losing their Indian citizenship status – “as part of a decades-long pattern of discrimination” – Genocide Watch fears with due reason, the over 10 million Bengali Muslims in Assam face imminent danger of dehumanizing indefinite imprisonment in the ‘foreigner detention’ centers constructed by the state because the vast numbers of poverty stricken Bengali Muslims cannot prove they have the legal right to life of freedom in the Land of the Hindu (Hindustan) after having inhabited the region for at least over 7 decades.  “This is a classic case of denial of citizenship in order to deprive a minority ethnic and religious group of its rights” said Genocide Watch in a report on Assam in 2018 – the world was categorically cautioned the Indian state was in the ‘preparation’ phase classified as Stage Seven of the Ten Stages of Genocide identified by the organization – United Nations was asked “to warn India not to strip citizenship from, imprison, and forcibly displace millions of Bengali Muslims who have lived their entire lives in Assam state”.   Yet in 2019 we have a number of 4 million, chiefly Muslim, who did not make it to Modi’s National Register of Citizens in Assam even with the required documentation.  And only very recently it has been reported 1.9 million Muslims in Assam now stand officially informed they are no longer Indian citizens – their future remains uncertain for they do not know whether they will be kicked out of Assam into Bangladesh as unwanted refugees or confined to the detention centers established to house them and millions more, who one may reasonably presume, are to encounter a similar fate sooner or later.

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Kashmir: …And Their Conscience Didn’t Stir!

The United Nations’ Security Council met yesterday, August 16, to ponder upon the noise created by Pakistan & China over India’s iron-handed fascist move to alter the disputed status of the ex-princely state of British India i.e. Jammu and Kashmir – the unfinished affair pertaining to the partition of British India since 1947.  After over 50 years the issue of Kashmir was again discussed by the high and mighty sitting on the Security Council.  Sadly the truth is if China was not so vociferous in her concern, the closed-door meeting of the 5 permanent Security Council members would not have occurred in the first place.  Yet despite China’s stern stand on the matter, the Big Four i.e. America, Britain, Russia and France, did not feel the situation was pressing enough to convene an emergency session of the Council to further deliberate upon the fate of Muslim Kashmir, the gravity of Geo-political repercussions of Modi’s fanaticism, or the opportunity to undo the momentous wrong committed when the Globalist deep state led by the British permitted the hegemony of Hindu imperialism to perpetuate in South Asia over 7 decades ago.  Quite clearly, Khan’s forceful tweets which unravelled the Indo-Zionist psyche at full display in Kashmir by likening Modi’s fanaticism with Hitler’s Nazism, could not shame the Big Four into even issuing a joint statement following their closed-door rendezvous or admonish India effectively enough to make her back off from the arrogant drive to dominate the Indian sub-continent.  Instead they chose to comfortably sneak under the escapist narrative which declares Kashmir a bilateral issue that must be addressed by the parties involved.  Even the large demonstrations staged by the Pakistani expat community in London and other Western cities, did not affect the Big Four’s resolve to not displease Delhi.  After all if they even slightly cared about fundamental human rights and a people’s right to self determination, burning issues that make for bleeding sores in Palestine and Kashmir, would not have even existed on the face of God’s earth today.

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Kashmir: Seeking an Authentic Uproar

Albeit I have been lamenting upon the lack of authentic uproar in the quarters of global activism over the past few days as far as the terrible and ironical plight of Muslim Kashmir, I have not been able to discount the kind of news headlines recently observed in British and American mainstream news media not to mention Al-Jazeera from the Middle East.  Even the BBC ran a story on the recent turn of events wherein Muslim Kashmir has been effectively imprisoned under the watchful eyes of 900,000 armed Indian personnel stationed in their territory – the world’s most militarized zone which just became more militarized by around 200,000.  Quite obviously, as The Guardian admits, the British are concerned about the probable repercussions of Modi’s rising fanaticism and the probable consequences spilling over on British soil given the huge population of British Pakistanis, predominantly of Kashmiri origin, totalling at approximately 1.1 million, living side by side with the 1.4 million strong British Indian community.  To have Hindu-Muslim communal tension or rioting follow the British Empire from pre-partition British India straight onto the White man’s territory must not be a very pleasant prospect for Borris Johnson or the Queen for that matter.  The United States also hosts around 363,000 residents of Pakistani descent although the Indian community stands much stronger at about 1.5 million.  And quite obviously the self proclaimed guardians of the world would not want to witness Hindu-Muslim tension on the rise on American territory.  More or less the same situation is found in the Middle East where Pakistani and Indian expat communities coexist in significant sizes, and perhaps that was why Al-Jazeera first brought forth news of Kashmir to the world  following Modi’s fascist move (not to forget Al-Jazeera tends to do that more frequently than the rest of the world mainstream media even if their reporting only tells half the truth).  So essentially the mainstream media jumped in and voiced concern about the developing circumstance in Kashmir because various countries of the world, both in the West and the Middle East, host sizable populations of Indian and Pakistani/Kashmiri expats, and frankly speaking have to save their own asses from what they permitted to occur as a direct result of their own Geo-political conniving a century ago and/or their conscienceless silence through the past 70 plus years.  Does the mainstream media deserve appreciation for this?

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The Betrayal of Muslim Kashmir

After a rather long break from the Geo-socio-political globe, I was thinking of availing a few days off my gruelling routine which essentially changes hands between the working woman and the housewife over the 24 hours the day affords me leaving little room for intellectual exercise.  I wanted to write during the Eid holidays but did not feel that peculiar thrust inside despite an array of thoughts on many subjects, and just then dropped down the newest bombshell – Modi’s government abrogated Articles 370 & 35A of the Indian constitution that safe-guarded the demographic makeup of Kashmir and was symbolic of the ex-princely state’s special status given that Jammu & Kashmir is a legally disputed region, under Indian occupation, awaiting the ‘Indian permission’ to hold a plebiscite that would determine the future of the valley in line with the wishes of its people – a dream which has been more than elusive for Muslim Kashmir for over 70 years.  And with that came the missing shove from within – coupled with anxiety and heartache for many a reason.  So I gave words to my outburst to lighten my own burden, and to inform those few who were likely to care enough and take a moment at educating themselves about the very rudimentary yet key elements underlining the latest development in the highly complex Geo-socio-political saga of Muslim Kashmir – an affair which is commonly and continually distorted by the Zionist-like Indian lobby engaged in Delhi’s information war-fare.

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