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Kashmir: Harbinger of the Second Muslim Awakening in South Asia

On August 22, 2019 Genocide Watch issued two emergency alerts for India: one pertaining to the ongoing lockdown in Kashmir which is now over a month long, and the other for the state of Assam.  Coincidentally yet not surprisingly in both these cases Delhi, reigned by the Caste Hindu, stands as the perpetrator of atrocities against Muslims – Muslims in  Kashmir and Assam.

In Assam the ethnically Bengali Muslims, who first settled there in colonial times, have been under the threat of losing their Indian citizenship status – “as part of a decades-long pattern of discrimination” – Genocide Watch fears with due reason, the over 10 million Bengali Muslims in Assam face imminent danger of dehumanizing indefinite imprisonment in the ‘foreigner detention’ centers constructed by the state because the vast numbers of poverty stricken Bengali Muslims cannot prove they have the legal right to life of freedom in the Land of the Hindu (Hindustan) after having inhabited the region for at least over 7 decades.  “This is a classic case of denial of citizenship in order to deprive a minority ethnic and religious group of its rights” said Genocide Watch in a report on Assam in 2018 – the world was categorically cautioned the Indian state was in the ‘preparation’ phase classified as Stage Seven of the Ten Stages of Genocide identified by the organization – United Nations was asked “to warn India not to strip citizenship from, imprison, and forcibly displace millions of Bengali Muslims who have lived their entire lives in Assam state”.   Yet in 2019 we have a number of 4 million, chiefly Muslim, who did not make it to Modi’s National Register of Citizens in Assam even with the required documentation.  And only very recently it has been reported 1.9 million Muslims in Assam now stand officially informed they are no longer Indian citizens – their future remains uncertain for they do not know whether they will be kicked out of Assam into Bangladesh as unwanted refugees or confined to the detention centers established to house them and millions more, who one may reasonably presume, are to encounter a similar fate sooner or later.

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