The Tale of the Fall of Spirit and Rise of Radicalism

“There is a growing shadow being cast over Islam’s holiest site”.  This was the opening statement of a report by Daniel Howden in The Independent in April 2006.  However there must be only a few among Muslims who would dare to question the intention of the House of Saud with respect to the actions this despotic clan has been incessantly engaged in since their evil collusion with the not-so-infamous Abdul-Wahhab that commenced in 1744-45.  Interestingly, this foul alliance between Ibn-Saud and Abdul-Wahhab transpired about two centuries prior to the establishment of Saudi Arabia, an entire country named after a bandit Arab clan of Nejd, as a sign of ‘immense gratitude’ for the highly beneficial services rendered by Ibn-Saud to the Throne of England particularly so in the aftermath of WW1.  And still more interestingly, albeit discredited as a ‘Muslim Conspiracy’ by non-Muslims and as imaginary fictional narrative, coined deliberately by the British to discredit Abdul-Wahhab and his followers’ by Wahhabi Muslims, the Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British Spy, said to have been published in ‘prominent German and French newspapers’, overtly points towards the nature and the extent of the role played by the British in manipulating elements among Muslims that held divergent standpoints as far as the essential understanding and interpretation of Islamic Scripture & Tradition is concerned.  Diligent and unbiased overview of the history of British involvement in the Middle East in particular, and a study of emerging evidence of the pivotal role played by the Throne of England in prompting and facilitating the rise of what is nowadays termed as ‘Radical Islam’ as well as that of continued harbouring of fascist pseudo-Muslims on British territory in modern history, tend to sway opinion on Memoirs of Mr. Hempher in favour of those who count it as a credible source of otherwise untold history.  An authentic endeavour at tracing footsteps of ‘Radical Islam’ back in history in the context of the more contemporary political and social quagmires of modern times, not only indicates the obvious that in more recent times ‘Radical Islam’ has emerged as one of the most effectual and highly valuable Geo-political tools in the hands of global ruling elite as far as designing and instigating ‘controlled conflicts’ in key Geo-strategic regions around the world, but also alludes to a more inclusive actuality:  The menace in question is not ‘Radical Islam’, rather the fall of spirit and the rise of radicalism on God’s earth.  In fact pollution of the true spirit inherent in the essentially monotheistic revealed Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) tends to surface as a rather continuous process in the history of mankind, impressively subtle, spanning over centuries, underlined by the spirit of falsehood embodied by ancient and modern forms of Paganism.

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Palestine and Kashmir:  Ahed Tamimi & Burhan Wani 

Undoubtedly, there is no other region in the world wherein people, the next door girl and the next door boy kind of people, have become symbols of such unprecedented valour and commitment in an on-going struggle for freedom from illegitimate occupation and oppression, as in Palestine and Jammu Kashmir.  It has been almost 70 years for Palestinians and Kashmiris struggling against illegal and inhumane annexation of their territories.  They face the brutal reality of living in active terror day in day out; their every-day life is plagued by the cruelty of their occupiers; not to mention continued insensitivity on part of the rest of the world that has chosen to turn a blind eye towards their cause and their plight other than employing it for short-term political gain every now and then.  Ironically, regardless of how the prevalent Zionist mind-set in Israel and India continues to unleash unparalleled acts of savagery to subjugate the Palestinian and Kashmiri people, and irrespective of the pseudo-intellectual debate as to whether they are freedom fighters or terrorists, the undying spirit of fearlessness embodied by the likes of Ahed Tamimi and Burhan Wani continues to inspire countless more to stand defiant in the face of falsehood, even if that translates into shedding their blood and laying their lives on the path of truth and justice.  Perhaps not many would fathom the peculiar connection between Palestinians and Kashmiris that goes far deeper than the apparent similitude of their exceptionally resilient struggle, but the ones who are able to comprehend the allegory involved, know that the gross injustice done to scores of men, women and children, in Palestine and Kashmir, is in fact playing a pivotal role in paving the way for the final triumph of justice and the eventual victory of truth upon God’s earth.  Let us hope historians of tomorrow will not choose to discount the suffering and the sacrifice of countless Palestinian and Kashmiri people whose lives and honour has been trampled upon heartlessly by the puppets of the Zionist Deep State.

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The Million Dollar Question

“In the end, we return to the question, just how much do you love truth?  Do you really love truth or are you just curious? Do you love it enough to rebuild your understanding to conform to a reality that doesn’t fit your current beliefs, and doesn’t feel 120% happy? Do you love truth enough to continue seeking even when it hurts, when it reveals aspects of yourself (or human society, or the universe) that are shocking, complex and disturbing, or humbling, glorious and amazing – or even, when truth is far beyond human mind itself? Just how much do we love truth? It’s a good question to ask ourselves, I think.” – Scott Mandelker

Yes, proverbially speaking we can call it ‘the million dollar question’ however if we look at the mankind and its current miserable state of affairs from a spiritual, ethical and moral standpoint, perhaps a vast majority of the world’s population, both in East and West, would simply question back as to why should one even begin to ponder upon something as esoteric, as impractical and as useless… unless of course it is likely to beget ‘a million dollar’ indeed.

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