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What Can Modi’s Fanaticism Unleash and Why?

Two South Asian nuclear powers with 71 year history of high-strung relations seemingly stand at the brink of war.  The recent stand off now seems to point towards a strong possibility of an intensified conflict beyond the extent of routine skirmishes along the Line of Control (LOC) or the Working Boundary – unless and until back door diplomacy bears fruit and other deterrents such as a degree of political and public pressure within India come to check Modi’s fanatic drive for war.

Following the provocative one-sided military action taken by the Indian Air Force (IAF) on February 26 during which India claimed to have targeted a JeM training camp killing 300 terrorists near the city of Balakot in Pakistan, more action was witnessed on February 27.

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Lies, Lies and More Lies

She sent air planes.  And then told the world what the world likes to hear in the language that the world understands – almost making me think perhaps these warmongers have a common cheat sheet with the most effective keywords to form a narrative following all such futile cowardly ‘pre-emptive attacks’ – all statements of the sorts below seem to have a weird similarity of content and spirit.  I say ‘spirit’ because I believe words talk other than saying what they are intended to say.  So here is what the Indian Foreign Secretary said following India’s ‘Surgical Strike’ in sovereign Pakistani territory:

“A very large number of JeM terrorists, trainers, senior commanders and groups of jihadis who were being trained for fidayeen action were eliminated.  The government of India is firmly and resolutely committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the menace of terrorism.  Hence this non-military pre-emptive action was specifically targeted at the Jaish-e-Muhammad camp.”

Pakistan Military spokesperson’s tweet that in fact came before the Indian statement from Delhi said:

“Indian aircrafts intruded from Muzzafarabad sector.  Facing timely and effective response from Pakistan Air Force released payload in haste while escaping which fell near Balakot.  No casualties or damage.”

And later updated:

“Indian aircrafts’ intrusion across LOC in Muzafarabad Sector within AJ&K was 3-4 miles.  Under forced hasty withdrawal aircrafts released payload which had free fall in open area.  No infrastructure got hit, no casualties.  Technical details and other important information to follow.”

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Just another Fit of Imbecile Bickering in South Asia or War?

I resisted… I did not really want to be distracted from my ongoing essay and instead get sucked into the heated diplomatic warfare that has stormed the region over the past few days.  But then came the call of compulsion from within so here I go.

First it was the terrorist attack in Iran that killed 27 IRGC personnel and then another attack in Jammu Kashmir that killed 42 Indian troops.  To begin with I watched Tehran acting unhinged – a rather rare spectacle I must say – and then it was Delhi that acted demented – but that was a rather common recurrence much in keeping with Delhi’s diplomatic traditions when it comes to arch rival Pak.

Iran said or shall I say Iran yelled, she held Pakistan responsible for permitting a Salafi terrorist group by the name of Jaish-ul-Adl to carry out attacks in Iranian Sistan from her Baluchistan province.  And Iran also threatened Pakistan if she did not take action against this group, Iran will take ‘appropriate measures’.  Moreover Iran also indicated out loud she suspected Pakistan will not take the necessary action.

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The Inequitable Spirit of Zionism Grips the Globe

In spite of how contemporary intellectuals tend to perceive Zionism depending upon their personal affiliations and individual inclinations, irrespective of the various known versions of this rather modern creed, and regardless of the assortment of interpretations presented as an argument by proponents of each, the truth of the matter is mankind has not furnished and history has not witnessed another idea as inherently devious and inhumane in its essence as Zionism – no matter how you sugar-coat it.  And you do not have to be an historian, academic, activist, or carry any other fancy intellectual title to understand this – you just have to be a human being with the most basic common sense and the most elementary concept of common civility. Continue reading “The Inequitable Spirit of Zionism Grips the Globe”

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Pakistan:  At the Brink of Sovereignty

They did it again on July 25, 2018.  On the day of polls another mind-programmed mercenary of ISIS, the nefarious CIA creation – a militant proxy – slaughtered 31 and injured over 40 in a bomb blast in the vicinity of a polling station in Quetta – the capital of the province of Baluchistan.  The RAW link is almost always revealed behind terrorist activities conducted in Baluchistan irrespective of the affiliations of the myriad of proxy operatives on ground, hence it is not the least far-fetched that alongside Western Geo-political powers, namely Washington and London, Delhi must also be an accomplice in the unsuccessful effort to sabotage the General Election in Pakistan – this was the fourth major terrorist attack in less than a fortnight.  The polls went ahead as planned albeit the terrorists did succeed at making Pakistan pay a toll of up to 300 human lives.  Active terrorism was not the only method the Globalist Deep State opted for in a bid to sabotage the Election – the Western, Indian and Pakistan mainstream media engaged in a massive disinformation campaign with the intention to dispute the credibility of the polls as they essentially toyed about with the accusation made by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan – a so-called independent non-profit organization, like the Human Rights Watch, with links to the U.S. foreign policy elite and other interventionist/expansionist lobbies.  HRC of Pakistan claimed Military Intelligence interfered in the political process in order to sway the outcome in favour of Imran Khan.  Not to forget the argument the constitutional ousting and subsequent conviction of Nawaz Sherif also rendered the play-field less than levelled for the Sherif Family’s ruling political party i.e. the N-League.  Looking at the headlines that mainstream publications ran such as ‘the dirtiest election’, ‘Imran Khan near victory in Pakistan but some ask if he is playing fair’, ‘Khan is only a player in the circus run by the Pakistan’s military’, ‘from playboy to Prime Minister’, ‘Imran Khan is the worst pick for both Pakistan and India’, I wondered what caused such passionate criticism and why the undertone of an almost hysterical anxiety?  Yes, the Globalists most definitely did not want to miss the chance to malign the Pakistan Army as has been their long-running tradition – and the allegations associated with the occasion most certainly provided them with just about enough ammunition to open fire at one of the world’s most competent and professional armies, but what happened to the rather ‘dear image’ of the Oxford educated, charismatic star cricketer Khan – what sin did he commit to deserve such zealous criticism?

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Pakistan:  Hostage to Global Hawks and Native Vultures

A mere 12 days before the nation was bound to head to the polls Pakistan witnessed pre-poll carnage – corner meetings in Peshawar and Mastung, and an election campaign rally in Bannu – all three were targeted by suicide bombers, leaving behind almost 200 dead and nearly the same number injured.  The infamous CIA-Mossad-RAW creation, a militant proxy comprising of pseudo-Taliban i.e. TTP claimed responsibility for the mayhem in Bannu.  While the notorious mercenaries of another proxy, now widely exposed as a CIA-Mossad construct i.e. ISIS, quite recently air-lifted into Afghanistan from the Middle East, assumed responsibility for the slaughter in Mastung.  Given the fact the main target of the Mastung bloodbath was a Baluch politician Siraj Raisani aka The Tiger of Baluchistan, known for his unabashed criticism of India, it is not at all far-fetched to imagine involvement of RAW in the butchery carried out by ISIS in Mastung.  After all India erroneously considers itself as one of the stake holders in the province of Baluchistan and has been the chief trouble maker in the province, not only in recent times rather since the birth of Pakistan in 1947 – obediently discharging its duty as the Geo-political heir of the British Indian Empire not to forget serving its own Geo-political interest.   Continue reading “Pakistan:  Hostage to Global Hawks and Native Vultures”

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Critical Mass – Are We There Yet?

Pakistan is heading for another General Election in less than three weeks.  And last night I just happened to watch a couple of news reports analysing the current support for the various political competitors in the race.  To be very honest, I would have switched over to something more worthwhile than listening to a bunch of die-hard supporters of the politically exposed Sherif family.  But yesterday I managed to summon reserves of tolerance from deep within just so I could hear them tell why they are still such devoted followers of an elite family, which has by and large ruled the country for the last three decades, both in the centre and in the largest province of Punjab, yet contributed little to nothing to the welfare of these people, beyond the unintended benefit that trickled down to the level of common man as a by-product of a handful of development projects essentially designed to feed the unbounded greed of the already over-fed.

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