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Pakistan: A “Sorry Dominion” and a “Resilient People”?

In June 2019 BBC published M. Ilyas Khan’s story “Uncovering Pakistan’s secret human rights abuses” as part of the ongoing global endeavour to disseminate a narrative which has continuously served the strategic and political goals of the globalist deep state vis-à-vis Pakistan’s balkanization/annihilation.  At the time, like quite a few other events impactful enough to push me out of intellectual procrastination, I found myself compelled to pen an op-ed regarding the entire saga; and through the course, I landed on the writer’s twitter profile too. I must say despite the sense of lacking national honor and overwhelming sarcasm, peculiar to the section of Pakistani society to which the gentleman belongs i.e. pseudo intellectuals and self professed liberals to be brutally truthful, I was left with a question that I have mulled over frequently since:

Are we really an enduring people subjugated to the injustice of Pakistan’s sorry military command, as Ilyas and his western pay-masters persistently exert to have the entire global populace believe? Or are we in essence a smug people hypocritically allied with the spiritually destitute socio-political elite struggling to dominate the halls of power since the inception of Pakistan?

Perhaps, if Pakistan was not destined to have had a highly unorthodox option appear on the hypocritical political horizon in the form of Imran Khan, sworn in as prime minister in August 2018, the multi-faceted truth of the matter would not have become as conveniently apparent as it has during the past 15+ months since Khan adorned a crown of assorted thorns in exchange of taking oath as the Chief Executive of Pakistan.

Khan’s ascend to power was not an accident nor was it an engineered episode – albeit the global media and socio-political stooges of Western Imperialism within Pakistan as well as among the expats in the West have continued to discredit his electoral victory as only another machination devised and staged by the most powerful national institution i.e. the Pakistan Army.  Whereas if you have had the sense to watch the flow of events and the integrity to truthfully scrutinize the intangible change which has been in the air since 2013, you would hesitate a thousand times and more before you bought into that narrative.

Unfortunately, even after witnessing the ongoing saga of corrupt socio-political mafias erupting left, right, and centre during the past 15+ months, hell bent upon opposing Khan’s elected government in a myriad of exceedingly imprudent ways, and discrediting it essentially as one selected by the Pakistan Army, not to forget targeting it as singularly inexperienced and incompetent at all fronts of governance, there are perhaps only a few who realise how privileged Pakistan has been to reach this climax and how necessary it is for the swamp to drain out the filth if Pakistan is to fulfil her idealistic destiny.  A swamp that has only become deeper, filthier, and more encompassing during the past 70+ years – to the point where now it literally includes individuals from every cross section of the society:  The self-righteous religio-political elite, the self-professed intellectuals and liberals, or for that matter the so-called moderates; the feudal rich who have heartlessly fed upon the misfortune of the common man and expanded their conglomerates by laundering national resources; the fast-shrinking middle class that does not give a hoot to principles and is an ardent lover of utilitarian morality, bitterly envious of the moneyed; or the abjectly poor who simply live every day desperately struggling to afford the next meal in most cases without a roof over their heads.  Sadly, on the other hand, the number of the truly aware has only withered, leaving behind a handful, so to speak, for whom Pakistan is still a living and breathing entity, carrying the immense weight of the idealistic notion that drove her inception in direct opposition to the imperial tide of the British and the Hindu cunning.

Quite obviously, a people that on the whole do not boast a less than corrupt character, have had massive issues with Khan’s sincere intention to reform and rebuild Pakistan in line with the forgotten legacy of the nation’s forefathers – Iqbal and Jinnah. Whether it is the powerful lawyer mafia with political affiliations and vested interest, rising from the root level to the topmost quarters of the country’s judicial system; journalistic media on the pay-roll of anti-Pakistan globalist deep state with less than a handful interested in the idea of essential ethics; the industrialists and the traders who possess the power to influence the national economy yet do not want to be asked to pay their tax dues except on their self-absorbed terms; the intellectual-liberal crowd that harbours a fervent desire to undo Pakistan and does not cease to preach democratic values and human rights – Whiteman’s centuries old imperialistic bargain still too alluring for the little men in the East to resist; or the professionals in the health industry who would have to deliver what they are paid for in the wake of any reformative measures implemented, evident as it is now that the time has come no one is willing to pay back for the sake of the land that has sheltered them for 7 decades from what the world, if interested, can today witness unfolding in Modi’s India, and of course the forsaken Vale of Kashmir.

Just as we observe at individual level, reformation of character does not come easy and certainly does not come without a heavy price tag, truth is rebuilding a nation cannot occur peacefully without the masses’ willingness to be severely inconvenienced.  Hence in line with the common observation that most of us tend to run away from the task of overhauling our  personal character and desperately try to hold onto destructive patterns in life against all logic all the while insisting upon utter blindness to our spiritual decadence, at the national scale only a small percentage of the Pakistani populace appears eager to allow Khan a fair and decent chance to exert efforts that may eventually lead the nation out of the socio-political-economical quagmire it finds itself deeply sucked into, even if that implies bearing the burden of bare survival made all the more challenging for them to endure.

No wonder then Khan has met with deepening opposition from all quarters within and without the borders of Pakistan – besides the 10% critical mass populce, only the Pakistan military stands resolutely by the current elected government.  Not because it was the Army’s design that brought Khan to power, rather because the core military command and key members of the civilian government stand on the same page vis-à-vis the ideology of Pakistan and subsequently defined national interest, fully aware of the key role Pakistan is destined to play in global geo-politics sooner or later, totally cognizant of how crucial it is to rid the Land of the Pure from widespread and varied forms of crookedness and how critical it is to shake off the chains that subjugate Pakistan to foreign stake-holders who have unceasingly exhibited massive and keen interest in Pakistan’s geo and national politics since 1947.  All the more reason why the hawks in globalist deep state and their native vultures are raising havoc against the civil-military duo (Khan-Bajwa) in every manner possible with the singular aim to destabilize Pakistan enough to fall into total socio-political anarchy, undoing the efforts that are beginning to reflect positively in terms of global economic indicators, until Pakistan falls prey to the Great Game.

Khan’s rule has undoubtedly been marred by the fact he was handed over rule of a land that was robbed religiously and ruined passionately under the pretence of a democratic government that lasted 10 straight years (2008-2018) while foreign political stooges of the likes of Zardari and Nawaz took turns in the halls of power fully sponsored by Washington.  The Prime Minister has suffered great set-backs in terms of dearth of individuals too – people who would exhibit a rare combination of honesty, courage, and capability so necessary for social transformation at national scale.  Unlike the global diplomatic front, success in governance has therefore not come to Khan as of now, thereby providing plausible reasons for instigation of mass sentiment essentially for ulterior motives.  Yet the warrior Khan is, he is unlikely to entertain thought of failure.  For there does not exist a notion of defeat when you side with truth, justice, and fair play.  Khan’s political principle is simple, straightforward and surprisingly singular – Pakistan is to set off on the path of its ultimate destiny and for that to occur the house has to be cleaned irrespective of the inherent gradualness of the judicial process, the severity of socio-political treachery, and the gravity of geo-political circumstance – and also regardless of whether or not the struggle costs him premiership or his life.

The dilemma hence faced by the anti-Pak globalists is hitherto they only had to manoeuvre the military command of Pakistan while they exercised free hand with the sell off socio-political elite and penetrated deep into the fabric of the society at all levels in the most imperceptible of ways – bureaucracy, education, judiciary, law enforcement institutions, not to forget religiously oriented organizations and multiple other such entities.  Albeit the effort to obliterate truthful accounts of history, effect religious extremism and misinform the masses, spanning over decades, has borne healthy fruit so to say, as far as the prevalent sense of spiritual poverty in the national character, the traditional stake-holders in the region cannot bank solely upon the lack of socio-political cohesion to eventually pay due dividends.  If Pakistan is to be undone, a rift must be caused between the two men clearly at the helm of national affairs, i.e. the Chief Executive and the Chief of Army Staff – the duo that stands as the symbol of Pakistan’s fight for survival.

The year 2020 is anticipated to induce the fall of Khan-Bajwa duo by all native stooges and their foreign masters for otherwise there may be serious setbacks to their mutually agreed upon agenda in South Asia.  Modi’s heated drive for the supremacy of Hindutva however is the one key point indicator that is unveiling a more prophetic version of the future.  And to the horror of native and foreign miscreants, Pakistan may just be heading towards a major socio-political revolution that will pave the path for her to eventually come forward as the liberator of the Muslim in Kashmir and Modi’s India.  And if that is to be, we may as well witness a completely overhauled national system of governance emerge from the current socio-political chaos no matter how big a price tag such a surgical change may come with.  After all has not the prevalent form of Western democracy proven so unfit for a severely uninformed and characteristically short-sighted masses given to passive intellectual and spiritual poverty silently engaged in slavery of every form of power?

So quite clearly even a cursory overview of the current, without stepping into the troves of history, tells it is only a small percentage of the people of Pakistan which can be truly termed resilient – essentially the ones who either intellectually or intuitively see the varied expressions and machinations of the forces of falsehood deepening their clutches, yet they continue to believe in the idealistic principles that founded the notion of Pakistan. And these truly resilient patriots are the ones who also comprehend how critical the Pakistan Army is to the nation-state’s geographical and ideological survival.  I am quite sure, these are not the people Ilyas writes about for they do not see the mass resilience he sympathizes with nor the sorry dominion he complains about.  They see the bigger picture farther away from the multiple intricacies of global geo-politics, they reach out to truth deeper than BBC can dare to.

Long Live Pakistan!

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