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Kashmir: Harbinger of the Second Muslim Awakening in South Asia

On August 22, 2019 Genocide Watch issued two emergency alerts for India: one pertaining to the ongoing lockdown in Kashmir which is now over a month long, and the other for the state of Assam.  Coincidentally yet not surprisingly in both these cases Delhi, reigned by the Caste Hindu, stands as the perpetrator of atrocities against Muslims – Muslims in  Kashmir and Assam.

In Assam the ethnically Bengali Muslims, who first settled there in colonial times, have been under the threat of losing their Indian citizenship status – “as part of a decades-long pattern of discrimination” – Genocide Watch fears with due reason, the over 10 million Bengali Muslims in Assam face imminent danger of dehumanizing indefinite imprisonment in the ‘foreigner detention’ centers constructed by the state because the vast numbers of poverty stricken Bengali Muslims cannot prove they have the legal right to life of freedom in the Land of the Hindu (Hindustan) after having inhabited the region for at least over 7 decades.  “This is a classic case of denial of citizenship in order to deprive a minority ethnic and religious group of its rights” said Genocide Watch in a report on Assam in 2018 – the world was categorically cautioned the Indian state was in the ‘preparation’ phase classified as Stage Seven of the Ten Stages of Genocide identified by the organization – United Nations was asked “to warn India not to strip citizenship from, imprison, and forcibly displace millions of Bengali Muslims who have lived their entire lives in Assam state”.   Yet in 2019 we have a number of 4 million, chiefly Muslim, who did not make it to Modi’s National Register of Citizens in Assam even with the required documentation.  And only very recently it has been reported 1.9 million Muslims in Assam now stand officially informed they are no longer Indian citizens – their future remains uncertain for they do not know whether they will be kicked out of Assam into Bangladesh as unwanted refugees or confined to the detention centers established to house them and millions more, who one may reasonably presume, are to encounter a similar fate sooner or later.

Quite clearly there is literally nothing that can deny or defy the aforementioned conclusion drawn by Genocide Watch – not in the current circumstance or days gone by – given the long history of anti-Muslim sentiment which has overwhelmed the Caste Hindu’s psyche since the advent of Islam in India, and the colossal rise in the heinous hate crimes against Muslims in Modi’s Hindustan.  With the global community silently watching Delhi progressively move towards Stage Ten i.e. persecution of the Bengali Muslim in Assam, there is little hope these victims of Hindutva will escape indefinite confinement or forceful displacement at the hands of the Indian state.  Their crime?   They are Muslims in the Land of the Hindu!

While the Caste Hindu continues to threaten Muslim life and honor in Assam as shamelessly as their Israeli counterparts in the Middle East have persistently done to millions in Palestine on far bigger a scale over the past 7 decades in a myriad of comparable ways, Muslim Kashmir too continues to face despairing circumstance with a slow genocide of sorts already underway.  After over a month under curfew following Modi’s illegitimate action aimed at altering the demographics in Kashmir, Muslims are in actuality living a life of imprisonment – watching essential supplies become even more scarce, and a medical crisis develop, as they mourn their disappeared youthful sons, most arrested under the Public Safety Act – a controversial law which allows the Indian government to imprison them for 2 years without trial.

A recent report  reveals the level of torture indulged in by the Indian army in the name of ridding the land of Kashmir from freedom fighters allegedly termed as Pakistan backed terrorists by Delhi – the olden tale of deception which India has propagated over the decades since 1947 and that the world at large has obediently assumed is credible viewpoint.  After all the wide variety of imperial forces running the affairs of the globe in collaboration with each other have themselves quite deliberately and artfully sought to distort the line which separates indigenous freedom fighters rebelling against illegal occupation of their homeland from the mercenary militants who incite anti-state sentiment and commit terrorist activities in sovereign countries at the behest of these very imperial powers.  Quite like Palestinians are viewed as terrorists by Israel, irrespective of the history and the current circumstance, India too makes the self-serving claim that native Muslim insurgents in Kashmir are in fact Pak-sponsored terrorist, regardless of the conspiracy that rendered Jammu Kashmir a disputed territory in the first place and the developments thereafter.  Another classic case of collective self betrayal – one beyond cure.  No wonder despite the out pour of deeply worrying news from Kashmir since August 5, 2019 India effectively persists in her claim that ‘all is well’.   Oh how the deceptive spirit ruling Delhi reminds of the lies which adorn every day narrative originating from Tel-Aviv!

As I said earlier one of the chief reasons why the global mainstream media across the world has been driven to report on the deteriorating circumstance in Kashmir is the significant presence of Pakistani/Kashmiri expat community in the West and the Middle East – the anti-India emotion is on an extreme high, and in most cases they live in close quarters with the Indian Hindu community overseas.  No government would want a volatile, potentially explosive, situation to transpire into a law and order situation between two expat communities on its territory.  Had the global mainstream media (MSM) remained as mute as the great number of political governments around the world on Kashmir, the reaction among expats of Pakistani/Kashmiri origin would have been manifold.  Thus while the globalist deep state reigned by the Zionist psyche remains effectively mute on the catastrophe unfolding in Kashmir, briefly interrupted by meaningless twitter caused by Trump’s whimsical offer to mediate between the two South Asian states or spineless warnings issued by the likes of United Nations, OIC, European Union, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the chiefly Zionist run global mainstream media is dubiously active at highlighting the misfortune of Muslim Kashmir in a bid to pacify the highly sensitive emotional aspect associated with this saga and of course at the same time feebly trying to regain its severely damaged credibility among the more aware audience.  Largely speaking, considerable accuracy has been sustained in reporting the human plight, however one way or the other every report tends to portray Kashmir as little more than a Geo-political nuclear flash point between India and Pakistan – the safe and secure way to practice journalism for all ends other than sharing the whole picture truthfully.

If an attempt is made to sum up this hotchpotch of a scenario that clearly indicates lack of consensus on Kashmir at the global front if anything, one cannot help realize another good cop-bad cop game being enacted on the world stage – historically pet to imperialist forces of all kinds.  While the global MSM and pertinent international organizations act as the flag bearers of human rights and reprimand India every now and then, the ruling globalist elite remain singularly allied with Delhi.  For was it really so impossible to force Modi to lift the inhumane military curfew in Kashmir even after 36 days if the powerful of the world desired so?  Surely not!  Yet the Butcher of Gujarat walks around boasting the Order of Zayd bestowed upon him by the government of UAE and the Global Goalkeeper Award conferred by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at a time when Delhi’s actions justify little else than severe castigation with real time effect.  Is it still very difficult to see the ideological connection between all forms of imperialism – Western, Zionist, Hindu or Arab?

Some debate with bilateral trade volumes as massive as India enjoys with the West as well as with the Arabs not to forget Iran, none of these nations would exercise influence on Delhi vis-à-vis Kashmir.  However, one may beg to ask would not such an argument make sense if only the scales tilted towards India and not the other way around.  No matter how influential the Hindu deep state may be, had there been the political will among the few powerful rulers of the globe to deliver even a little more than lip service to Kashmir the military curfew would not have entered its 37th day and Indian army would not be still committing heinous crimes against humanity brazenly backed by Delhi. The bottom line is be it France, Britain, America or Russia, it does not serve any of the Big Four to displease Delhi and that too in favor of Muslim Kashmir not to forget Pakistan.  As is with Palestine in the Middle East, the resolution to the circumstance in Kashmir does not serve the globalist agenda – the powers of the world will continue to defy right in preference of might essentially because Geo-politically the quagmire assists them with accomplishment of their goals in South Asia.  If anyone thought the Great Game was no more, they were highly mistaken – time is nearing not only for the Geo-political Great Game to see its logical end but also for the more veiled game between truth and falsehood to move towards its rational eventuality.

The intellectuals and Liberals in academia and politics, who still wish to believe the sole culprit behind the latest wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in India is the Modi, BJP and RSS (the militant extremist Hindu organization working in collaboration with BJP) trio, could not be farther from actuality.  To think Modi is the one who has ruined the secular democratic socio-political culture in India is highly erroneous and only reflects utter lack of insight.  Such a perspective can only be held and sustained by those who feed upon the British and Hindu versions of Indian history, deliberately or inadvertently, and more often than not also reap the intellectual and monetary benefits of acting as seemingly authentic tools of distorting the mass opinion, unlike the few who have been fortunate enough to discover the value of evidence available outside mainstream academia and have sincerely sought to discern the truth of the matter.  For the latter it is not difficult to see Modi has only fueled and brought to the forefront the wide spread antagonist sentiment against the Indian Muslim – a phenomenon that has not only persisted but continuously flourished in post 1947 India even under the so-called secular nationalist Congress rule just as it did during the 90 years under the British Raj.  And just as despite the mantra sung by the Congress leadership, especially by the likes of Gandhi and Nehru celebrating the splendorous of secular nationalism, the 1937 watershed in Indian Muslim history actually occurred and still stands as an irrefutable testimony to Caste Hindu’s desire to rid Indian territory of Islamic consciousness, Muslims subjugated to Delhi’s reign since 1947 have largely lived a life of severe marginalization even when they constitute the second largest Muslim population inhabiting the world’s largest self-professed secular democracy whether under Congress or BJP.  The issue at hand is not Modi or the BJP or RSS, rather Hindutva i.e. Hindu imperialism, which quite like any other imperial force continues to fight for widespread hegemony in South Asia seeking to annihilate Muslim existence in the region – the only hurdle on the Caste Hindu’s way to Akhand Bharat (United India).

At times it is too convenient to dismiss such conclusions as sweeping and ghastly accusations, however if all dots connect over a prolonged period of time to lead to the same finality, only a delusional state of mind would insist otherwise.  Coincidentally exactly this eventuality was foreseen by visionaries of the stature of Iqbal and Jinnah over 70 years ago – the reason why two westernized young Muslims of British India, who ardently sang the song of Indian nationalism in the earlier part of their lives, ultimately stood convinced honorable Muslim existence under Caste Hindu’s rule was not an option no matter how vociferously Nehru and Gandhi trumpeted their secular nationalistic and spiritual garbs.  The notion of Muslim nationalism evolved in Iqbal’s vision for over 2 decades and the truth of Islam’s principle of unity after all birthed the mighty conviction which carried Jinnah’s fast dying body through the turmoil of translating that idea into a political reality – Pakistan – still viewed as a Geo-political aberration by global imperialists.

Fact is today despite widespread maligning and all her national shortcomings Pakistan stands as the dreaded symbol of Muslim nationalism in South Asia – and that is exactly what the Caste Hindu fears, otherwise 90 million strong Muslim Kashmir would not have been subjugated to the dominion of 9 million armed security personnel.  Delhi is shit scared of Pakistan rising from the ashes like a phoenix, and fulfilling the purpose of its inception by responding to the call of duty in the name of the principle of unity of Islam that rightly enjoins her in an undeniable link with the down trodden and oppressed Muslim under Delhi’s hegemony.  For imperial West, any such development in South Asia will only mark an end to their century long endeavor to root out even the most feeble remnants of the notion of Muslim nationalism in the post WW1 world.  Hence there is little reason to speculate any cracks in the global nexus of evil could surface in the near future – as is Israel in the Middle East, India is in South Asia – allies of the Zionist West in key regions of imperial interest set free to commit all wrongs without the least hazard of a penalty.

The growing plantation of ISIS in India and in occupied Kashmir foretells how India may seek to diplomatically isolate Pakistan in due time by crying wolf as childishly as she has always done – the dangers of militant Islam wreaking havoc in the sub-continent will come to be coupled with Pakistan’s supposed affiliation with the phenomenon quite in line with what we have witnessed since 9/11 not to forget much in accordance with the image of Pakistan projected since before her inception.  From the looks of it, fully cognizant of the actuality, Pakistan has therefore continuously reiterated since August 5, 2019 with growing concern, Delhi will attempt to incriminate her for terrorist activities conducted within India and in occupied Kashmir thereby diverting mass attention from the state sponsored genocide of Muslims.  And at the same time Islamabad has also reaffirmed Pakistan’s resolve to stand by Kashmir whether or not the world commits to action, whether or not the Western powers pay heed to the plight of millions of Muslim in South Asia, whether or not the so-called Muslim countries exhibit the courage to forgo their self-seeking goals and exercise real influence upon Delhi.  Anyone who has keenly observed the undercurrent of change slowly making its way through Pakistan’s socio-political panorama cannot help realize circumstance is well on its way towards the manifestation of the second Muslim awakening in South Asia – the despair of Muslim Kashmir and the vulnerability of the Indian Muslim are only the chief key point indicators of the massive transition underway in the region and no one must remain mistaken about Pakistan’s potential to carry forward the legacy of her founding fathers even after 72 years of wandering around rather cluelessly.  And the credit will be solely that of the countless martyrs whose blood soaks the Land of the Sufis whether they laid their lives in the occupied Jammu Kashmir or on this side of the LOC at the hands of Caste Hindu’s cruel ambition.

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  1. Well-written. You desire what I’ve been pushing for, and I readily admit I’m distressed by the shallowness of Pakistan’s government’s response and rhetoric on this whole annexation scenario.


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