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Kashmir: …And Their Conscience Didn’t Stir!

The United Nations’ Security Council met yesterday, August 16, to ponder upon the noise created by Pakistan & China over India’s iron-handed fascist move to alter the disputed status of the ex-princely state of British India i.e. Jammu and Kashmir – the unfinished affair pertaining to the partition of British India since 1947.  After over 50 years the issue of Kashmir was again discussed by the high and mighty sitting on the Security Council.  Sadly the truth is if China was not so vociferous in her concern, the closed-door meeting of the 5 permanent Security Council members would not have occurred in the first place.  Yet despite China’s stern stand on the matter, the Big Four i.e. America, Britain, Russia and France, did not feel the situation was pressing enough to convene an emergency session of the Council to further deliberate upon the fate of Muslim Kashmir, the gravity of Geo-political repercussions of Modi’s fanaticism, or the opportunity to undo the momentous wrong committed when the Globalist deep state led by the British permitted the hegemony of Hindu imperialism to perpetuate in South Asia over 7 decades ago.  Quite clearly, Khan’s forceful tweets which unravelled the Indo-Zionist psyche at full display in Kashmir by likening Modi’s fanaticism with Hitler’s Nazism, could not shame the Big Four into even issuing a joint statement following their closed-door rendezvous or admonish India effectively enough to make her back off from the arrogant drive to dominate the Indian sub-continent.  Instead they chose to comfortably sneak under the escapist narrative which declares Kashmir a bilateral issue that must be addressed by the parties involved.  Even the large demonstrations staged by the Pakistani expat community in London and other Western cities, did not affect the Big Four’s resolve to not displease Delhi.  After all if they even slightly cared about fundamental human rights and a people’s right to self determination, burning issues that make for bleeding sores in Palestine and Kashmir, would not have even existed on the face of God’s earth today.

So here we are witnessing another insensitive exhibition of imperial West’s naked truth shamelessly reiterated in New York yesterday:  We will invade sovereign foreign lands on the pretext of preemption to safeguard our security – from a threat that only our watchful eyes see and our insightful intellect perceives.  We will not hesitate to wage war against entire nations whether we feel daunted by the Taliban in Afghanistan or non-existent WMD in Saddam’s Iraq.  We will not vacillate from our single-minded resolve to disintegrate considerably stable countries like Libya or Syria because Gaddafi and Assad would not prostrate in front of us as fully as we desire.  We will aid any imperial force, white or black for that matter, in its attempt to colonize the regions of the world where we have vested interest, whether Geo-political or financial.  And we will only advocate against violation of fundamental human rights when it is in our interest.  If  you expect us to act otherwise, or if you deem us sincere in our vows to ensure justice and fair play in global human dealings, you must be a fool and in need of dire correction.  We are the ones who run the world, we are the ones who call the shots, you measly commons of the Third World, and that too Muslims, what makes you imagine we would give a hoot about you?

Perhaps there has been no other point in the history of this world, when Might has been so Right, that it has wiped off the farthest remembrance of human ethics among the masses and the elite alike for very different reasons.  Today, Palestine and Kashmir stare mankind in the face, asking only one question, which has been coincidentally begging an answer for over 7 decades in both scenarios:  When will you all wake up from this seemingly never ending slumber, step out of the realm of utilitarian morality, discern truth from falsehood, and stand on the side of the right?

Most perceive the recent saga at United Nations a diplomatic success for India and a failure for Pakistan, however I wonder what could Pakistan have achieved given how singularly her existence on world map is resented as an unwanted aberration by the rulership of the globe even to this day.  Unfortunately Pakistan entered this game of international diplomacy with hands and feet tied thus no chance of stirring sympathy among the globalist quarters – while India was essentially reaching out to her ‘brothers in arms’ in the West with whom she shares a deep connection at varied levels essentially ideological.

Yet, what India, and the world at large fail to comprehend at this point is that Modi’s defiant act silently endorsed by the global ruling elite will come to serve as the very push Kashmir was awaiting not to forget Pakistan. Pakistan, cornered by circumstance, is being driven to realize she stands singularly alone with Kashmir and that if she does not discharge the duty that is first and foremost hers and hers only, the blood of Muslim Kashmir will be on her hands more than the Muslim Ummah or the world community at large.

I can only hope, wish and pray, we don’t fail the founding fathers of the nation and the people of Kashmir any more than we have.  Whether or not the rulership of the world sides with us, whether or not global activism creates and sustains an uproar against the menace of Hindu imperialism, whether or not the so-called Muslim Ummah recalls Islam’s principle of unity and summons the courage to venture past modern norms of nationalistic diplomacy, whether or not the mass opinion on Kashmir ceases to believe in Delhi’s deceptive narrative, Pakistan must stay focused upon strengthening herself well enough to face the inevitable showdown that will spell the ultimate freedom of Kashmir, of course militarily, and much sooner than anticipated.

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