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Kashmir: “Since the Guilty Do Not Admit Their Guilt & Public Memory is Short…”

Jinnah said these words, which make the title of this outburst of mine, at a time when he announced the Day of Deliverance in November 1939 at the resignation of Congress’ 1937 provincial governments elected under the Government of India Act 1935  – the infamous British attempt to impose a constitutional framework on British India against the will of her people.

The 2 or so years of Congress rule in British Indian provinces under the umbrella of British governors and of course a British viceroy, proved to be the greatest watershed in Indian Muslim history – an eye opener for the Indian Muslim and for the few British who were not afflicted with the historical ailment of delusion that British imperialism has continued to suffer from just like its more contemporary counterparts in the present-day world i.e. the American imperialism, the notorious Zionist imperialism, not to forget Hindu imperialism working towards a full-fledged rebirth of sorts.  Following the 1937 Hindu-Muslim saga in British India author Beverley Nichols wrote of Congress:

“As soon as it was in power in these provinces, it dropped the mask.  Instead of inviting the Muslims to share the fruits of office, instead of attempting any form of coalition, it rigidly excluded them from all responsibility.  But it did not confine its autocracy to political matters; it proceeded to attack the Muslims in every branch of their material and spiritual life.”

Yet when Jinnah announced the Day of Deliverance there were some within his own League who thought this measure would ruin all scope for reconciliation with the Hindu thereby not leaving any hope for an India where the Hindu and the Muslim could coexist peacefully.  And Jinnah, well aware of their naivety and short-sightedness, issued a detailed press release reminding the Indian Muslim of how their cry for help had fallen on deaf Hindu and British ears for 2 long and bloody years and how simplistic the notion of Hindu-Muslim unity was given the long history of deceptive secularism that the Indian National Congress thrived upon, despite its insistence upon being the sole voice of the whole of India.

Today, history repeats itself, in the context of Indian occupied Kashmir in a myriad of ways.

Modern day India has been remarkably successful at hiding behind the garb of secularism and Indian nationalism while permitting the fascist anti-Muslim among the Caste Hindu quarters flourish unchecked since 1947.  The figure of 10,000 plus Muslims killed in communal riots since partition is a very modest indicator of the predicament of modern Muslim India.  Not potent enough to undo the secular face of India advertised around the world through mealy-mouthed Muslim elites adorning Bollywood – India’s prized tool of mass cultural invasion targeted specifically towards the annihilation of the Muslim consciousness in the Indian sub-continent; the few Muslim names in the ranks of the Indian national cricket team; or the ones who constitute the so-called political and social Muslim elite in a country which hosts the second largest population of Muslims in the world.

Not until very recently did the news of the abject misery, the common Indian Muslim has continued to face since the partition, begin to reach the outside world.  It is Modi’s gift to India that India’s secular face has been laid bare with not even tatters to hide the gruesome reality.  Since Modi’s re-election the humiliation of Indian Muslims at the hands of the militant extremist Hindu RSS in overt collaboration with Modi’s BJP has equaled if not surpassed the most heinous assaults on human rights committed anywhere in the world.  News of torturous killings and the countless incidents of antagonism which tell of how the Indian Muslim is being penalized for being a Muslim in the Land of the Hindu (Hindustan), have come to embellish social media feeds, more than ever before in recent history.  And it would not the least be an overstatement to say Hindu fanaticism has finally borne enough fruit; thus constitutional articles (370 & 35A) that safeguarded the demographic make-up of Kashmir – a disputed Muslim majority region since before partition of India – have been abrogated by Delhi.

What does that imply?  Well essentially consequences similar to what was witnessed in Palestine at the turn of the 20th century (in fact even before) – land will now be acquired forcefully by the Hindu (under constitutional/legal cover) quite like their Zionist counterparts in Palestine did a century ago under the political cover provided by the British, and the rightful owners of Kashmir i.e. Muslims will be eliminated through a slow genocide thereby altering the Hindu-Muslim ratio of the population in the valley.

What will that do for the fanatic Hindu?  Well, the core reason why Kashmir is a legally disputed territory is it was a Muslim majority princely Indian state destined to join Pakistan in 1947 (given the demographic constitution and geography of the state) yet in complete defiance of the principle of partition of India and the pertinent terms of reference, the British and the Hindu conspired to retain the precious North Western Frontier under Hindu rule, irrespective of the will of Muslim Kashmir (with the exception of a handful of Muslim elites whom Jinnah rightfully called ”misguided, misled and those with ulterior motives, the ones who faced the British and the Hindu”).  If Kashmir indeed becomes Modi’s Hindu Kashmir in the aftermath of the current move made by Delhi, the blood of Muslim Kashmir would be on the hands of the world community, and the very footing on which Kashmir is considered disputed territory, will be lost to the brutal might of the Hindu Zionist after all, in spite of the United Nations’ Security Council Resolution 47 no matter how lame that may be.  The Muslim character of Kashmir will be rendered history, not to forget the multi-faceted Geo-political consequences of immense gravity that will by no means remain confined to South Asia.

Yet the global conscience is inaudible; except Pakistan and China – parties to the conflict – insistence upon blissful ignorance prevails.  Quite like how with the exception of a few countries the rest of the world simply chooses to discount the daily cries for help from Palestinian victims of routine Israeli torture and killings, an entire people whose third generation is fighting a seemingly unending war for freedom of their land.  Essentially no one wants to disrupt the global status-quo which is clearly ruled by one and only one notion i.e. Might is right – whether that implies questioning the Zionist West for its unequivocal support for Israel or entails admonishing Delhi for its Nazi-like policy vis-à-vis the Indian Muslim and Muslim Kashmir enough to bear an effect.

The only difference is in case of the plight of uprooted Palestinians, with the passage of time, awareness at the level of common man has increased significantly and a consensus has developed across the globe at the level of the common folk, whereas in case of Kashmir the mass populace by and large remains uninformed of the plight of Kashmir, thanks to the iron Indian hand and the Zionist-like Indian lobby which do not permit truth from the occupied territory reach the outside world.  A situation that has only become unimaginably grave over the past one week – for there has been near zero communication with the inhabitants of Kashmir subjugated to an authoritarian curfew while essential supplies are reportedly dwindling out fast.  The rare footage of the lion-hearted Kashmiri Muslims who still ventured to congregate after Friday prayers on August 9 and faced the brutality of Indian armed forces defiantly chanting slogans of freedom and waving the Kashmiri & Pakistani flags, only allows a brief glimpse to the international audience as to what Muslim Kashmir is fighting for despite the valley being the most-militarized zone in the world.  Most of us cannot perhaps even begin to imagine the extent of hostility which gives birth to such a formidable desire to stand up against the naked military might of one of the world’s biggest armies.

Is the spirit of these resilient young and old, men and women, who perhaps do not even think once before exposing themselves to the viciousness of the Indian army, and proudly face the heavily armed might of a brutal force totally unarmed, any different from those who have done the same every day, week in week out, for years without end, in occupied Palestine?

Is there any difference between the deceptive practices of Jewish Zionists who stole the land of Palestine in the early 19th century and the Hindu Zionist hell bent upon altering the disputed status of Kashmir by stealing the land of Muslim Kashmir in 2019?

Hell no!

As I said, if anything is different it is only the level of awareness as to what Muslim Kashmir has been subjected to under the Caste Hindu’s crooked occupation for over 70 years.  It is high time the global community wakes up to the truth of Hindu fanaticism. The common man particularly in the West must begin to see the truth of the “Spiritual Disney Land” which the Caste Hindu has successfully fashioned out of Hindustan and marketed around the globe all the more enhanced by the projected image of the Mahatma, in a bid to hide the ever growing Hindu desire that only wants to rid the Indian sub-continent of Muslim existence.  The unfulfilled dream of the ancient king-makers of India is what Modi has set out to manifest no matter what the wise of the world may want to think!

Alas, if only the history of British India were not written by the British and the Hindu, more people today would have clearly understood and more readily comprehended as to what is unfolding in Kashmir today is only the logical consequence of that which birthed the two nation theory and that which transpired before the partition of India in 1947 not to mention what was permitted to perpetuate thereafter by the active consent of imperial West and the silent sanction of the rest of the world whose interest was tied in with the White man.

One cannot help but wonder upon the cynicism of the coincidence that British imperialism has had everything to do with the tragic route history took for the Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir over the past 7 plus decades.  And one can also not help contemplate as to how cowardly the British have acted by not indicating the slightest desire to apologize to the two people and come forward in the spirit of truth to undo the wrong committed in the heat of colonial glory.  But why would they?  After all their Geo-political objectives in the Middle East and South Asia have remained unaltered over the past 70 years.  If the White man sincerely intended to discharge the burden he metaphorically boasted to carry through his years of global colonialism, while he never vacillated from the singular goal of snatching away the right to live from many a people around the world, perhaps these deceptive legacies would not have been still sucking the blood of Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir – perhaps the Jewish Zionists in Israel and the Hindu Zionists in India would not have had the audacity to blatantly continue with their Nazi-like agenda in the greater bid to annihilate Muslim existence from the face of the earth.

But what these imperial masters who profess varying faiths and come from varied ethnic backgrounds do not or perhaps cannot fathom is there will not be one Ahed Tamimi and there will not be one Burhan Wani who they have had to counter, there will be thousands and thousands of young Muslim Palestinians and Kashmiris who will follow in the footsteps of these icons of resilience and courage, they will not shy away from spilling their blood and laying their lives, and one day, the land of Palestine and the land of Kashmir will breathe freedom in all its glory!  It is only a matter of time –  mankind is closing in on that final watershed where truth and falsehood will stand apart for all to witness.  What the masses around the globe have to choose and decide now is which side would they rather find themselves on?

“Since the guilty do not admit their guilt and public memory is short” all those seeking the truth can only keep on reminding others to see behind the many veils of deception which engulf human senses in the contemporary world enough to drown the little voice that tugs upon man’s conscience and helps him discern truth from falsehood.

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