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Lies, Lies and More Lies

She sent air planes.  And then told the world what the world likes to hear in the language that the world understands – almost making me think perhaps these warmongers have a common cheat sheet with the most effective keywords to form a narrative following all such futile cowardly ‘pre-emptive attacks’ – all statements of the sorts below seem to have a weird similarity of content and spirit.  I say ‘spirit’ because I believe words talk other than saying what they are intended to say.  So here is what the Indian Foreign Secretary said following India’s ‘Surgical Strike’ in sovereign Pakistani territory:

“A very large number of JeM terrorists, trainers, senior commanders and groups of jihadis who were being trained for fidayeen action were eliminated.  The government of India is firmly and resolutely committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the menace of terrorism.  Hence this non-military pre-emptive action was specifically targeted at the Jaish-e-Muhammad camp.”

Pakistan Military spokesperson’s tweet that in fact came before the Indian statement from Delhi said:

“Indian aircrafts intruded from Muzzafarabad sector.  Facing timely and effective response from Pakistan Air Force released payload in haste while escaping which fell near Balakot.  No casualties or damage.”

And later updated:

“Indian aircrafts’ intrusion across LOC in Muzafarabad Sector within AJ&K was 3-4 miles.  Under forced hasty withdrawal aircrafts released payload which had free fall in open area.  No infrastructure got hit, no casualties.  Technical details and other important information to follow.”

Biased headlines ran all across the Global MSM – India hailed in between the lines for following in the footsteps of the great American Empire in ‘fighting terrorism’ and teaching a lesson to the ‘terrorist safe-haven Pakistan’ with utter disregard for international law as it blatantly violated the Line of Control despite no evidence indicating Pak involvement in the attack on the Indian forces’ convoy in Kashmir last week.

Reporters not aware of the physical geography of the region and military jargon appeared jubilant they had a ‘story’ since Pak Military provided ‘conflicting reports’ regarding the location of the incident whereas no such conflict existed – and this became apparent following the release of further information.  Initially it had appeared, as also indicated by The Guardian, the Balakot India claimed to have hit was not the Balakot city in KPK Province rather a small village in Pakistan Administered Kashmir near the Line of Control.  However it did turn out the Balakot city in KPK was the intended target of the Indian Surgical Strike – a mission that remained unaccomplished due to the haste in which the Indian aircraft had to scramble back within 3 minutes of crossing the LOC, dropping their payload that took a free fall and landed in an open region close to the Balakot city in KPK – barely 40.4 km from Muzzafarabad, the capital of Pakistan Administered Kashmir.  The four bombs that did explode, failed to cause casualties or substantial damage as evident from available photographic evidence of the affected area.  Local media reports from residents of the villages nearby tend to confirm the  ‘no casualties and no substantial damage’ report provided by official Pak sources.

Dear old BBC’s Hindi Service posted a video of a resident of the area after the incident occurred – but it did not seem clear as to what this effort was intended to achieve – the man in the video only talked about having heard loud bangs early morning and seen a crater, a ‘ruined house’ and a ‘wounded man’ after day-break.

So where are the 300 terrorist who were killed in the training camp in Balakot city?

India claims Pakistan has hid the bodies of the dead terrorists.  Well in this time and age when satellite surveillance is not science fiction any more, I am sure India’s dear friend and master – the American Empire – would have offered to lend its expertise in order to show the world what its darling stooge in South Asia had achieved – not for a second I would think Americans would have hesitated to flaunt any such evidence in front of the world – but that is had there been any such proof.  Perhaps that was why the Indian Foreign Secretary found it wise to not engage in the routine Q&A session with journalists after delivering Delhi’s statement regarding the incident and made an exit from the occasion almost as quickly as the Indian planes did from Pak air space.

Keeping the hysteria aside, the question is how long does India want to stretch this imbecile act?

Even within India where warmongers took to the streets celebrating the ‘Success of the Surgical Strike on Pak’, voices are being raised hinting at the involvement of Indian Deep State in letting the Kashmir attack occur – the attack that India claims to have avenged through killing 300 JeM terrorists in ‘their Balakot training camp’.  Here it must be noted no further details have been provided by the Indian authorities since and no evidence has been shared by Delhi either following the Kashmir attack almost a fortnight ago.  No one has been able to disclose how the vehicle loaded with explosives got into the hands of the freedom fighters in the first place – was that ‘provided’ as a bait knowing it will tempt the young Kashmiri freedom fighters to follow in the footsteps of ISIS since they would have ‘found’ the means to act in that way?  And no one can explain how that vehicle then managed to cross multiple check-posts before running into the convoy on a road that had been cordoned off for the said military movement – the only explanation that seems plausible confirms the suspicion the attack was permitted to occur.  However we have definitely witnessed a so-called Surgical Strike in an attempt to pacify the Indian masses already set on fire by the Hindutva sentiment.  How convenient!

A statement issued from Beijing has advised ‘restraint’ to parties involved.  Pakistan indeed exhibited restraint by not attempting to down the Indian planes to start with – a decision that has had its share of criticism through the day – however the official response that came after a flurry of multiple meetings between the civilian and military command tends to indicate Pakistan may not sit quiet.  So far Pakistan has made an effort to not allow the tension in the region to escalate despite repeated provocations from India and in spite of the highly imprudent reaction from Iran vis-à-vis the attack on IRGC however it does look like with India falling more and more in line with Washington’s traditional agenda and Iran willingly and I must add thick- headedly becoming an Indian proxy in the region, Pakistan may just have to take extreme measures in accordance with its national interest.  I just hope a military response remains the last on the list of Pak’s options for all the wise reasons.

The entire saga that started early morning left me thinking why is it always the same storyline when it comes to such pre-emptive measures to fight Islamic terrorism?  Why are the lies so similar across the length and the breadth of the globe?  Why does the same warmongering mind-set rule and the same tongue speak from Washington to Tel-Aviv and from Tel-Aviv to Delhi?  How long will this never-ending barrage of lies and deception continue?   And to what end?

What a sad state of affairs for mankind.  Getting only worse by the day.


4 thoughts on “Lies, Lies and More Lies”

    1. I hope not. Although voices within Pakistan are being raised questioning why not more than just chasing out, but I guess it was wise to hold the restraint. That would have sparked outright war. I am sure China and Russia will intervene to cool it down. India does not seem to be in the mood to see sense but bigger powers may be able to achieve that end. The Pak official response indicates possibility of a response however I hope it is just psychological warfare and does not translate into action. These are two nuclear states – its not a joke – sanity must prevail despite provocations – at least on this side of the border.

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