Palestine and Kashmir:  Ahed Tamimi & Burhan Wani 

Undoubtedly, there is no other region in the world wherein people, the next door girl and the next door boy kind of people, have become symbols of such unprecedented valour and commitment in an on-going struggle for freedom from illegitimate occupation and oppression, as in Palestine and Jammu Kashmir.  It has been almost 70 years for Palestinians and Kashmiris struggling against illegal and inhumane annexation of their territories.  They face the brutal reality of living in active terror day in day out; their every-day life is plagued by the cruelty of their occupiers; not to mention continued insensitivity on part of the rest of the world that has chosen to turn a blind eye towards their cause and their plight other than employing it for short-term political gain every now and then.  Ironically, regardless of how the prevalent Zionist mind-set in Israel and India continues to unleash unparalleled acts of savagery to subjugate the Palestinian and Kashmiri people, and irrespective of the pseudo-intellectual debate as to whether they are freedom fighters or terrorists, the undying spirit of fearlessness embodied by the likes of Ahed Tamimi and Burhan Wani continues to inspire countless more to stand defiant in the face of falsehood, even if that translates into shedding their blood and laying their lives on the path of truth and justice.  Perhaps not many would fathom the peculiar connection between Palestinians and Kashmiris that goes far deeper than the apparent similitude of their exceptionally resilient struggle, but the ones who are able to comprehend the allegory involved, know that the gross injustice done to scores of men, women and children, in Palestine and Kashmir, is in fact playing a pivotal role in paving the way for the final triumph of justice and the eventual victory of truth upon God’s earth.  Let us hope historians of tomorrow will not choose to discount the suffering and the sacrifice of countless Palestinian and Kashmiri people whose lives and honour has been trampled upon heartlessly by the puppets of the Zionist Deep State.

Kashmir:  A Curfew Within


“Perhaps I should have started writing when disbelief and numbness took over the better sense of judgment as news of Burhan’s parting struck as a personal loss 19 days ago.  I should have let my ink protest, in prose or verse, when armed forces went on a killing spree, killing 4-5 unarmed protesting Kashmir people per day on an average. (How could it rest?) I should have registered my rage and anguish when children as small as 3 years were blinded and crippled by pellets. (Was I blinded too?)  I should have written about the psychological trauma of being holed up inside four walls, while remaining cut off from rest of the world by all means.  I should have written about the desperation of that longing to cling onto life, swimming in helpless eyes of injured in the hospitals.  At least I should have written about pain of being a helpless witness, if not anything else. Leave alone writing and protesting, I should have essentially wept and mourned the loss, as blood of more than 50 people crimsoned the already blood soaked soil of Kashmir in less than 20 days.  I should have done all that, perhaps even more, but I couldn’t.  Nothing stirred within; neither intellect nor emotion.  Slowly, there developed a vacuum in the region where heart is supposed to be.  A solid vacuum.”

My Daughter These Are Tears of Struggle


“This night too, like all the nights since dozens of soldiers raided our home in the middle of the night, my wife Nariman, my 16-year-old daughter Ahed and Ahed’s cousin Nur will spend behind bars.  Although it is Ahed’s first arrest, she is no stranger to your prisons. My daughter has spent her whole life under the heavy shadow of the Israeli prison — from my lengthy incarcerations throughout her childhood, to the repeated arrests of her mother, brother and friends, to the covert-overt threat implied by your soldiers’ ongoing presence in our lives.  So her own arrest was just a matter of time. An inevitable tragedy waiting to happen… Ahed, no parent in the world yearns to see his daughter spending her days in a detention cell.  However, Ahed, no one could be prouder than I am of you.  You and your generation are courageous enough, at last, to win. Your actions and courage fill me with awe and bring tears to my eyes.  But in accordance with your request, these are not tears of sadness or regret, but rather tears of struggle.”