“The truth was a mirror in the hands of God.  It fell, and broke into pieces.  Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.” – Mevlana Rumi  

I am from Pakistan.  And yes, I am a Muslim.  But no, I am not a terrorist.  And I am not a fundamentalist either.  I am just like any other human being anywhere trying to live life as decently as possible without harming another soul.  The deepening sense of chaos running rampant across the globe especially in my homeland and region, courtesy the hypocrisy of modern world’s ruling elite aka players of the Great Global Game aka ‘civilized tyrants of modern history’, is what drove me in the first place to start digging behind the fake news and false flags of the mainstream media and their mainstream rhetoric.  And Lo Behold!  There was a whole new world waiting behind the scenes; a world that opens its doors if you are a willing soul.  What you’ll find herein is an expression of my personal quest to find the ‘other pieces’ in an effort to see a more comprehensive picture of anything, within and without, that invokes curiosity.  What I share in these pages may tend to reflect a mix of notions… heard, less heard or unheard… that you may agree with or that you may view with scepticism… but I do hope you’ll nonetheless take away something of the spirit that underlines this effort.

Inevitably a quest for the ‘whole truth’ will always be laden with confusion, for there are no signposts on this path, only the unique ring that rings at the very sound of truth, and tells us that we have found another missing piece, and that the picture is a little more complete.  In a world as cluttered with illusions as the one we live in, it is exceedingly hard to know what is what and what comes from where.  Whether we have a question about spirituality, religion, politics, the history of mankind, the history of the world, the collective and individual human psyche, there is so much information available nowadays that it is very natural to get overwhelmed and influenced if you go seeking answers to the missing links and try to connect the dots.  But I tell you one thing, from my own gruelling experience, if you are seeking the truth and nothing but the truth, the touchstone God has placed in each and every human heart, will guide you at each and every step.  Most of the work included in this Blog comprises of research oriented essays that aim at reflecting upon global happenings of our times in a socio-historical context.   I fully understand this is no longer a preferred approach given the ‘short-cut mind-set’ that is prevalent in almost every aspect of life nowadays, however if we truly want to comprehend what affects us and others today, it must be understood none of  it emerged out of thin air.  There was something that preceded the current.  And many an answer shall be found by tracing footsteps back.  What I have to share is by no means the whole truth but it may just introduce you to ‘more little pieces’ that fit into the puzzle you are trying to solve.  And if so the purpose of this effort shall stand served.

This site is dedicated to the fond memory of my father Dr. Ghulam Ali Chaudhry whose ‘struggles and convictions shaped this quest for truth’

You can contact me at seebehindtheveil@gmail.com